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8×8 Video Meetings

HD Video & Audio Conferencing, Team Collaboration

Start In Seconds
No Downloads
No Timelimits

Key benefits

Make it Simple: One click, no downloads when using a WebRTC-compatible browser like Chrome

Make it Limitless: Unlimited meetings, unlimited minutes, dial-in capabilities with toll-free numbers for free

Fast & simple

Intuitive user interface, instant join with full-screen experience using desktop and mobile apps or the Web

Video collaboration

HD video plus 8×8’s patented audio quality, easy screen sharing, remote desktop control, Cloud-based recordings

Built for business

Integrate natively with your favorite enterprise apps including calendars, Single Sign-On and directory. Share your meetings with an unlimited number of attendees by live streaming directly to YouTube.
Transform your meeting rooms into modern collaborative workspaces in minutes with an in‑room package.
Virtual Office Meetings Add-in for Microsoft Office 365
Virtual Office Meetings Plugin for Google Calendar
Meeting Event
Meeting Event Interface

8×8 Video Meetings with X Series

Full-featured 8×8 Video Meetings integrated with Virtual Office takes video conferencing to the next level by adding voice and chat capabilities in one unified Cloud platform. You also get call-out capabilities to invite additional guests while you are in a meeting and other benefits to help you drive business value from your meetings.

8×8 Meeting Rooms

While 8×8’s Video Meetings is great for desktop and mobile devices, sometimes you want to meet with colleagues in a conference room to share a screen or collaborate with team members in a different location. For that, we have introduced 8×8 Meeting Rooms, a Cloud solution to easily schedule, host and join meetings from huddle rooms and other dedicated collaboration spaces.

Contact your 8×8 sales representative to learn about participating in the early access program.