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Unified Communications

IDeACom® NC is about more than just phone systems; we provide a full range of communication solutions, network cabling and IT services.

About Us

IDeACom® NC is one of the largest telecommunications company with over 60 years of experience, dedicated to improving unified communications.

With value-driven, global, turnkey technology solutions, IDeACom® NC has the best solution for your business.

We serve areas throughout North Carolina from the coast to the mountains, from Winston-Salem to Greensboro, to Wilmington and Asheville.

IDeACom® NC has received numerous awards for top-notch services throughout the state of North Carolina.

Gold Award for Top Selling Producer

Silver Sales Achievement Award from Presence Management

Our services were created to be multi-functional, they each have one purpose: to better your company. Listed below are a few of the services we offer at IDeACom® NC.

Business Phone Systems

There is no better way to build a relationship than with a clear conversation, and the business phone systems and communication services at IDeACom® NC provide just that and so much more!. Our unified communications permit customers to connect with your company no matter where they are or what they are doing.

Network Cabling

Network cabling is crucial to a company as it carries the information of your organization. IDeACom® NC provide a full selection of cabling services for our customers to consider, each designed to meet specific functions of your business.

IT Services

We specialize in providing on-site computer repair services and network support for businesses of all sizes. The part-time/full-time IT department of IDeACom® NC delivers computer and network services on-site, on demand. Not only is this convenient and reliable for your organization, but it’s also cost-effective.

“Which business phone system is really the right fit
for my business?”

When was the last time you gave much thought to your business phone system? You may not realize it, but having the right phone systems can make a drastic improvement for your company. The business telephone systems and communication services at IDeACom® NC provide just that and so much more!

iPECS Phones

This system has been designed for SMB and enterprise communications. It’s easy, economical, reliable, and available for customers no matter where you are. Installation is simple, and the required management is a breeze!

Avaya Phones

The Avaya phone system provides customers a peace of mind with its secure, compliant, robust and reliable features. It reduces security risks and allows your team to become better connected and enabled at work.


Zultys phones offer a secure enterprise-class service at an affordable cost. It features phone, chat, video, and meeting capabilities. And the best part is you can design the right fit so you can focus more on your business.

Intermedia Phones

All-in-one communications solution. It includes phone, chat, video, meetings, and file collaboration. This system can go with you no matter where you are! With a key feature being business continuity, you no longer need to worry yourself with having missed phone calls.

NEC Phones

NEC phone systems’ flexible design offers unique solutions for up to 512 extensions. It provides the necessary tools to streamline communications and information delivery. This product is one of the most easily configured unified communications system.

Polycom Phones

This realistic solution provides first-class phone experiences with enterprise-grade audio and video. Customers have a broad selection of easy-to-use phones from which to choose. The simple, intuitive touch screen reduces costs and training time.


If you’re responsible for keeping groups of employees or customers associated with your organization informed with up-to-date information, the Staff Alerter is perfect for you.

The cloud processing and advanced communication services assure that important messages can and will be delivered, regardless of your facility’s power or network infrastructure.


No matter the size of budget for your company,
IDeACom® NC can provide the perfect communication solution for you.

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