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MXIE Quick Install
Description: How to do the first time install and configuration of the MXIE desktop application for Windows and Macintosh computers.
Topics: Install, configure, binding to phones including softphone, voicemail setup, password, PIN, making and receiving calls, key preferences.
MXIE Quick Start Tutorial
Description: How to use the basic features of MXIE so that you are productive.
Topics: Layout options, Address Book, Buddy List, User Presence and Notes, Many ways to make calls, Answering calls with options, Transfer (blind and supervised), Instant Messaging (IM), Visual Voicemail (voice mails, call recordings, FAXs), Call Log.
MXIE Preference Tutorial Part 1
Description: This video covers the most common preference settings for all versions of MXIE including version 13.
  1. Audio devices for voicemail and Softphone including headsets.
  2. Presence automation.
  3. Notification rules for received voicemails and faxes including escalation.
MXIE Preference Tutorial Part 2
Description: This video shows how Call Handling Rules give you control of how to manage incoming calls for all versions of MXIE including version 13. It shows how they work and includes the following examples.
  1. DND (Do not Disturb)
  2. Find Me/Follow Me.
  3. Vacation.
MXIE Conference Tutorial
Description: How to do ad hoc and scheduled audio and web conferencing using MXIE and MXmeeting
Topics: MXconference, MXmeeting, scheduled, unscheduled (ad hoc), webinar, audio conference, invitations, Microsoft Outlook, one time and recurring meetings
ZAC Quick Start Tutorial
Description: Zultys Advanced Communicator (ZAC) ver.3 first time set up and how to use training.
Topics: Configure, binding to phones including softphone, making and receiving calls, instant messaging, group chats, transfers, conferences, voicemail, presence, softphone headsets with call control, Microsoft Office integration, ScreenDial, Windows, and Macintosh.
Zultys Mobile for iPhone Tutorial
Description: Zultys Mobile ver.7.7.5 for iOS user training.
Topics: UC, Unified Communications, MXIE, ZAC, iPhone, Android, Zultys Mobile
Description: With Zultys Web Chat, your customers can call or web chat with your staff as a free feature of your phone system. This video shows both the customer view and agent view of a web chat session.
Requirements: Zultys MX version 11.0.4 or later, MXIE software for (Macintosh and Windows), ACD or ICC call group(s) administratively enabled for Chat, Web Chat Client template (provided by Zultys) to be customized and installed onto your web site by your web administrator, signed certificate.
Topics: chat, mxie, webchat, web chat, call groups, call center
Skype for Business Integration
Description: This video shows the integration between Zultys MXIE and Lync/Skype for Business unified communications clients.
  1. Make calls via the Zultys phone system from the Lync/Skype for Business application.
  2. Synchronize presence status between the two in both directions. For example, when you are on a Zultys phone call, your status in Lync will automatically show as Busy and return to Available when the call is done.
This video shows both the customer view and agent view of a web chat session.
Requirements: Windows Computer, MXIE software, Zultys Flex Communicator, existing Lync/Skype for Business account (not provided by Zultys)
Topics: Skype for Business, Lync, integration, MXIE, Presence, Flex Communicator
Zultys Salesforce Integration
Description: This video shows the optional integration of Zultys telephony with Make and receive calls from within Salesforce including popping the contact record in Salesforce when one of your contacts calls you. This video shows both the customer view and agent view of a web chat session.
Requirements: Zultys MX version 11.0.4 or later, Zultys Salesforce CRM license, and a Salesforce Enterprise Edition, Unlimited Edition, or Professional Edition account.
Topics: Salesforce, CRM, integration, MXIE, OpenCTI

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