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Cyber Security Solutions

Your Best Defense Against Cybercrime is Right Here

Every new technology presents new opportunities to sharpen your competitive edge—which results in a host of new security challenges you don’t have time to manage. IDeACOM® NC doesn’t want you to have to choose between innovation and security. Our cybersecurity solutions include expert advice and help with migrating and securing any technology you need. We’re your answer for filling security gaps and pinpointing potential vulnerabilities.

Ransomware attacks occur once every 40 seconds


43% of cyber attacks target small businesses


Nearly 50% of small businesses still do not have a cybersecurity plan

HIPAA Compliance Solutions from IDeACOM® NC

IDeACOM® NC helps doctor’s and dentist’s offices, clinics, hospitals, pharmacies and other healthcare organizations implement and maintain fully-compliant data collection, transmission and storage solutions. Whether you’re looking for one-time compliance assistance or ongoing security management, our knowledgeable compliance experts will identify the most innovative and cost-effective ways to ensure that patient data is protected.
  Replace expensive licenses with predictable subscriptions
  Save time with automated updates
  Be productive on the go with remote access to everything you need
  Access reliable Microsoft 365 support

Healthcare has the 5th highest count of ransomware among all industries


75% of the entire healthcare industry was infected with malware in 2016


More than 50% of the healthcare industry has a network security score of a C or lower

Protect your patients and safeguard your sensitive health care information.

Email Security Solutions from IDeACOM® NC

Protecting your clients and employees means investing in reliable email security. IDeACOM® NC offers affordable solutions that allow your team to communicate and share information without worrying about breaches or data theft via email. We’ll also proactively monitor your environment to detect potential threats before you even know they exist. Work the way you want to work—we have you covered.
  Confidently protect sensitive data
  Meet compliance requirements
  Ensure email continuity
  Proactively detect threats


59% ransomware infections are through emails with malicious links and attachment

Corporate email accounts are 6x more likely to be target for phishing scams

1 in 131 emails—the highest rate in five years—contain malware

Gain peace of mind when we add an extra layer of protection to your inbox.

Computer and Network Security from IDeACOM® NC

As technology evolves, so do the threats to your business. Computer and network security from IDeACOM® NC guarantees that you have the best tools and strategies in place to keep your business safe. Our security solutions strengthen your systems, establish your recovery plan and leave you free to do your best work.
Our unique security solutions protect your business from attack, and we’ll implement tools and processes that proactively detect suspicious activity to minimize your risk of downtime. From considering your goals to delivering 24/7 support, our security services allow us to protect your business like it’s our own.


45% of Wi-Fi networks are unsecured


87% of CIOs believe their security controls are failing to protect their business.


60% of SMBS go out of business within six months of a cyber attack

Secure your network, your people and your customers.

Disaster Recovery Services from IDeACOM® NC

Your data is the lifeline of your business. So how long would your doors stay open without it? The truth is disasters – manmade or natural – can happen at any time, and only businesses with a backup plan will withstand them. As your disaster recovery support provider, we ensure that your data is easily retrievable in the event of a breach or natural disaster.
Our disaster recovery services minimize your downtime and help you resume your operations within minutes of an incident – not hours or weeks. Protecting your data also keeps you in compliance with data privacy regulations and shields your reputation as a trustworthy company. Disasters happen, but what happens after a disaster is up to you. Minimize your risk with IDeACOM® NC disaster recovery solutions.


The percentage of SMBs with disaster recovery services in place


The survival rate for companies without a disaster recovery plan

The estimated cost of one hour of downtime

Weather any storm with IDeACOM® NC

The Latest News From IDeACOM® NC

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Safeguard Your Data with Ideacom Of NC

Safeguard Your Data with Ideacom Of NC

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