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What 5G technology offers people today, how it’s being utilized and what it will look like in the next few years are very different. And while it may be too early to truly determine the benefits of using 5G, we can already see how it’s affecting the world of technology today.

By the year 2025, all major wireless carriers are expected to have a large number of their customers on 5G networks. And to make sure they are prepared for that, the tech industry is already developing technologies for future generations and advancements. Between smart phones, smart cars and smart homes, a lot is about to change with the 5G technological advancements.

Enhanced Wireless and Broadband ISP Services

Despite the hype that surrounds 5G networks, 4G’s data speed helped to jump-start the app revolution. However, 4G still isn’t fast enough to handle all the applications and advancements that 5G can support. With the large amount of data these various applications transfer, it’s easy for 4G networks to become overwhelmed and slow down. Because of the large bandwidth of 5G technology, you won’t have to worry about the speed of your network or its overall capabilities.

Compared to 4G networks, 5G is a more advanced, high-speed type of technology. Not only will your phone, car, home and every other smart application be up-to-date and rapidly advanced, but you can rest assured knowing your technology will always be best.

Smart City Infrastructure

As the human population continues to grow and cities continue to expand, traffic congestion is expected to also increase. It has also been found that the average commute time will also continue to increase as the number of cars on the road grows. With all this information, it’s almost a common knowledge that the need for traffic management will increase significantly.

With 5G technology, services such as traffic management can become so much easier with advanced applications. These networks can supply cities with AI-assisted traffic systems and communications to better the way people move within their cities and hometowns. Not only will this help minimize the number of traffic issues and accidents that happen each year, but it won’t be harmful to the environment either.

Autonomous Driving (Driverless)

With such rapid technological advances, self-driving cars and robots have become a huge hit. IoT devices and cloud-based services that provide high-speed data transmission allow vehicles such as Tesla’s to drive their owners around. Currently, 4G and 4G technology has allowed this to happen; however, with the new and improved 5G networks, you can expect much more in the future.

As 5G technology continues to grow and expand, you can fully expect to see a much safer, quicker driving experience with vehicles. Not only will they be able to drive you around and make sure you get to where you need to be, but they can help you feel safe while on the road.

Health Care & Medical Services

In a 5G-enabled world, the health care industry is one of the biggest winners. Even in the past ten years, there have been multiple advancements in the health care world; however, it’s nothing compared to what can happen with new 5G technologies.

5G networks will allow surgeons to now operate with robotic appliances and have video-enabled interactions with patients, allowing for faster, more efficient health care. The potential health care field has to eliminate any medical barriers and improve overall care quality with new and improved 5G technology is amazing.

5G will also allow surgeons to use implanted medical devices and improve the scrubs they are required to wear during surgery. Overall, health care around the world will improve greatly.

5G Phones Provider in North Carolina

IDeACOMNC has taken advantage of all the latest trends and technologies offered in the technology world. Not only have we done this to improve the services and products we provide to customers, but we are determined to stay ahead of the competition. If you’re looking for modern 5G enabled systems and services in North Carolina, feel free to reach out to us today at (336) 854-4455.