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Managed Service Providers

Your IT Department is the brains of your company that keeps your business running on a daily basis.

So, why not give it the dedicated attention it deserves by hiring a Managed Service Provider? A Managed Service Provider (MSP) will take over your company’s day-to-day IT and network operations remotely, helping you manage and even reduce your IT budget.

What is a Managed Service Provider?

Basically, a Managed Service Provider is an off-site, full time-support team that you outsource your network needs to. This can range from infrastructure, security, applications, maintenance, and other IT needs. An MSP will be there for ongoing support and make sure your network and IT needs are up-to-date with technology.

By having your work done remotely, this will save you from having to hire a full-time networking team. So, you get a safe and secure network while improving your bottom line.

How Does a Managed Service Provider Work?

An IT network needs constant attention and that can be challenging if you don’t have a full-time team dedicated to keeping up with everything. A Managed Service Provider will be your full-time team, cutting out the need for on-site employees, while providing the ongoing support you need.

After you and the MSP team of dedicated IT experts come up with a list of needs, the MSP will get to work taking over the day-to-day monitoring and maintenance for your network. But, just because you partner with an MSP doesn’t mean you give up all of the power. You get to choose what duties are still performed inside your organization and what gets outsourced, this way you can focus on the most important areas of your company.

IT Backup and Recovery

Do you feel confident that all of your business information is protected and backed up? If a disaster happens, you need to be prepared to get your data quickly restored, so you don’t lose variable time and money. A Managed Service Provider will monitor and manage your data to make sure you can keep your business running no matter what happens.

Managed Network

An MSP will be on top of monitoring the safety of your network by using software and technical experts. If there’s ever an issue with your network, a software will send out a signal to notify an MSP team expert who will quickly get to work on the problem. This result-proven strategy will ensure your network is running smoothly without any hiccups.

Managed IT Systems

A Managed Service Provider can give you extensive technical support for your IT System whenever you need it. An MSP will provide full-service maintenance, upgrades, monitoring, issue reporting, resolution, and more. We will take on your company’s network, no matter the size, and find a solution that is a perfect fit.

Managed Security Services

An MSP won’t just build and maintain your network, but also work hard to keep it safe. MSPs have the tools in place to build, access, and monitor your infrastructure to provide you with the best possible managed security services. This includes firewalls, building a private network, anti-virus services, and more.

Managed Storage

Backing up your data can get expensive, so leave it to an MSP to provide you with managed storage. This solution is ideal for a company that needs to access information from multiple locations, or in different time zones. This storage can be located onsite or offsite depending on your needs.

Managed Database

If your database users are in need of a help desk or you’re looking for consultations on big projects, then an MSP could be perfect for you. With an MSP, you won’t have just one person managing your database, but a team of experts who will provide the support you need for big optimization and implementation projects while providing ongoing support.

Why a Managed Service Provider is a Good Choice?

It’s time to start getting serious about your IT Network. By letting an expert Managed Service Provider take over your day-to-day database needs, you can get the protection, monitoring, and storage your network needs while concentrating on the core of your business. There are several other benefits that come with hiring a MSP:


You won’t have to worry about paying a team of IT employees when you have a Managed Service Provider, the MSP will take care of paying their employees. And if any equipment needs replaced or is outdated, they will take care of that too. You can also better manage your budget by knowing how much you will be spending on IT needs each month.


More eyes will be on your network. We won’t just provide you with a managed network, we will watch it like a hawk for you. The MSP team will take over reporting and perform testing so you won’t be caught off guard if your network performance drops. If your network does happen to drop, we will diagnose the problem and get it corrected right way, with optimized network.


There is no business too small or too large for our MSP team. Our experienced Managed Service Providers will monitor your network as it grows and are prepared to grow with you. If you want to add more employees, add some tools, or increase your locations, we will monitor and manage your IT infrastructure and provide you with the best service needed.


We will be the type of Managed Service Provider you need! While most MPSs work remotely, on-site support can be provided in the case of an emergency. And, depending on your negotiation, some MSPs are available after normal business hours.


When we said we would watch your network like a hawk, we meant it! A managed service provider will constantly look for potential threats or other issues like needing more memory to run an update. We constantly backup data in the case that a server ever goes down.


A Managed Service Provider will provide you with managed security services to keep your data safe from hackers. We protect your network with a firewall, put a virtual private network into place, and use the most up-to-date anti-virus software.

IDeACOM® NC – The Best Managed Service Provider in North Carolina

With over 60-years in the technology industry, we know what we are doing when it comes to running successfully managed IT systems. From the size of a church, fire department, or a large corporation we have the systems in place to provide you with the best Managed Service Provider solutions for your company. We strive at making you feel a part of the IDeACOM® NC family by providing you with a personalized service to fit your business needs. Interested in finding out how IDeACOM® NC can transform your company? Give us a call at (336) 854-4455.

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