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Modern Phone Systems for Modern Businesses

Thanks to the advances of modern technology and high-speed internet availability, you’ve got more options than ever when it comes to finding a communication system that really meets the needs of your business. Long gone are the days of being confined to landlines, outdated desk phones, and limited capabilities! But which voice and data transmission system approach is the right choice for your small or medium-sized business?

Why It Makes Sense to Move Your Business Communications to the Cloud

Sure, you could just settle for a PBX phone system which is hosted right on your business premises, but that approach also comes with several drawbacks. You’ll still be missing out on some great available features and functionality for keeping all of your employees and stakeholders connected. And on top of that, maintaining and servicing an in-house-managed phone & communications system can get downright expensive. For these and other reasons, it really makes more business sense for you to go with a cloud-hosted communications solution.

The Zultys Cloud Difference

Zultys has been a leader in providing enterprise-class IP PBX phone systems for years. But what if your business doesn’t quite operate on the scale of a large enterprise? No worries! Thanks to Zultys Cloud Services, even a small business can enjoy all the features of an enterprise-class system, without carrying an enterprise-class price tag! Everything is hosted on the cloud, so there’s much less equipment to worry about having to manage or maintain. Sound interesting? Read on to learn more about the benefits of choosing a Zultys Cloud solution:

Cost Savings

We know that when it comes to finding a phone system solution that works for smaller businesses, price matters. By choosing a Zultys business phone solution, you won’t have to make a large upfront investment in an office phone system. You only pay for the services and features you want, on a per-employee basis. You can also add or remove features as your needs grow or change over time.

Mobile Integration

Thanks to the Zultys Mobile Communicator App, you can connect any smartphone to all the features of your office phone system, including access to the office directory, IM capabilities, Visual Voice Mail, and much more.

Work From Home, or Work From Anywhere!

With a cloud-based, virtual phone system, your employees can work from anywhere – from home, in a remote office, on the road, even overseas. This kind of flexibility can really boost productivity, and opens up some more creative staffing options for your business.

Presence and IM

Zultys allows you to see which employees are available in real time, and also equips you to exchange secure instant messages with all your colleagues.


Another advantage of choosing a virtual phone system is that it’s easy to expand or adapt your system as your business grows. You can add phones, individual services, and include up to 10,000 unique users!

Connect Multiple Locations

Have multiple office or service locations which you’d like to tie together through a unified business phone system? With Zultys Cloud Services, keeping all of your locations connected is simple to manage.

Easy Setup and Administration

You can get everyone up-and-running on the Zultys Cloud in no time. Plus, the Zultys admin interface makes user management and monitoring a breeze.

Safe and Reliable

When it comes to taking advantage of online technology for business, safety, security, and reliability are all of paramount importance. Zultys maintains multiple redundant data centers which are maintained and supervised around the clock, so you can rest easy knowing that your communications infrastructure stays protected.

Choose IDeACOM NC for the Best Comprehensive Business Phone Systems!

IDeACOM NC is a proud partner with Zultys Cloud Services, and we’re a preferred provider of the great selection of Zultys business phone products. Whether you’re an NC-based business with 10 employees or 10,000, we can take care of all your business communication needs! Plus, IDeACOM NC supplies residential services, too!

If you’re ready to ramp up your business communications features & services with a cost-effective solution, it’s time to put your business on the cloud. By partnering with IDeACOM NC, you can keep everyone in your organization connected, no matter where they happen to be! You can reach out to us today through our simple contact form at IDeACOM NC, or you can get the conversation started by simply picking up the phone and calling us at our Greensboro headquarters at (336) 854-4455!