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Why Having the Right Call Technology Matters

Let’s say you’re a retail enterprise which operates a number of franchise locations, each of which includes a number of individual department areas. Ideally, a customer call should be given the same level of care and attention as what you would present to a walk-in customer who’s standing in your store and talking to you in person. But in reality, what often occurs is something less than an optimal call-in experience for customers.

A customer calls in and is bombarded with a long list of menu options before they can get to a real person. While waiting for the call to connect with the desired party – that is, if your system even routed them to the correct party to begin with – your customer gets to enjoy some archaic Muzak while waiting on hold. The longer your customer has to endure this hold pattern, the more likely they are to simply give up and hang up.

Your chances of converting a sale with a customer who hangs up out of frustration are somewhere between Slim and None – and Slim just left town! What would it mean for your business if you could find a way to help reduce incoming call abandonment rates?


Enter the Vertical Cloud Call Manager

Optimized for retailers, Vertical’s Cloud Call Manager (CCM) platform provides medium and large enterprises with voice service, high-quality multimedia services, and

mobility options — all based in the cloud. The Vertical CCM consists of a range of call servers and gateways which are designed to meet a wide range of enterprise requirements. The CCM platform is highly scalable; it can expand from 500 to nearly 1 million ports with 1 million busy-hour call completion (BHCC) capabilities. It’s compatible with both the Vertical Wave (enterprise level) and Vertical Summit (SMB level) IP communications systems, and Vertical’s Cloud Call Manager can serve businesses with anywhere from 10 to 10,000 site locations.

Here are just a few of the capabilities offered by the Vertical CCM:

  • Centralized call management via SIP
  • Active/Active High availability, redundancy, and resiliency
  • Robust support for Vertical’s Retail Applications Suite, including Intelligent Voice Response (IVR), Automated Attendant, Unified Communications, Service Response, Analytics
  • Specialized large enterprise features including Automatic Call Distribution, Directory Number, Digit Conversion, Mobile Extension, and Interactive Routing
  • Mobility support options including voice, IM, text, paging on iOS, Android and Spectralink devices
  • Remote store site gateway support options (both Vertical Wave IP and Vertical Summit) for prolonging the life of remote legacy systems, eliminating the need for store rewiring, supporting all-IP store solutions, and providing remote site gateway, failover and voice quality management capabilities
  • Single point of administration for your entire retail cloud solution

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More Specific Features & Benefits of Vertical’s Cloud Call Manager

If the above list of bullet points isn’t enough to bring it home for you, let’s dial down a little further and look at some of the real benefits that come with leveraging Vertical’s Cloud Call Manager for the good of your business enterprise:


• Flexible network architecture optimized for retailers

The Vertical CCM features a flexible and simple network design built around a completely IP-based modular architecture. It offers easy installation with LLDP, auto registration, and management via web-based remote/central control. The Cloud Call Manager can be used with a mix of digital (T1 / PRI / SS7), analog (E&M, RD, LD, CO), and SIP trunks.


• Investment protection and cost savings

Reduce communications and operational costs by leveraging internal VoIP calls and centralized SIP call management. The Cloud Call Manager offers a wide range of store-side gateway options, including SIP/TDM gateway functions, fail-over/survivability and voice quality management capabilities, along with support for high-end video, IP/SIP, Wi-Fi, softphone and mobile clients, and existing digital and analog phones as well.


• Maximum reliability and scalability

Vertical’s Cloud Call Manager supports nearly 1 million ports and 1 million BHCC – with almost unlimited scalability – by networking multiple servers. It ensures local survivability with a range of options for local call servers or gateways, and maximizes service availability with multiple redundancy options, including call server, LAN, and power.


• Enriched retail customer experience

One of the best features of the Cloud Call Manager is the full range of analytics and BI support features it offers. The Vertical CCM interfaces with Vertical’s Retail Applications Suite, and can also interface with other third-party business communications applications and solutions. This allows you to both streamline and enrich customer interactions, ultimately boosting the level of customer service you’re able to provide.

What are the 8x8 Phone System Features


How the Right Technology Can Help Bridge the Gap

Let’s return to our retail business case study from the beginning of this article. Having the ability to track and record the number of abandoned calls for any individual store location, right down to the department level, is the first step in reducing call abandonment. A phone system that utilizes intelligent call management software like Vertical’s Cloud Call Manager is key. With the full visibility, analytics, and BI support features provided, you can identify and pinpoint exactly where and when caller abandonment rates are too high. This will help you to manage voice traffic more effectively, including monitoring store-level performance on this all-important metric. 

Call abandonment rates are an important measure of customer satisfaction, or more accurately, dissatisfaction. To ensure your customers are satisfied with their call experience and to reduce the frequency of abandoned calls, make sure you have enough staff available to quickly answer the phone. It’s also crucial to train your staff well on the right way to handle calls, and to give them the right tools and technology to be able to do so in the most effective manner.

Vertical provides complete voice, data, BI and analytics solutions to some of the largest retailers in the U.S., and IDeACOM NC is proud to be a preferred Vertical business partner, dealer, and installer in North Carolina!


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