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It’s a Broken Loop

It’s time to face the truth – nobody likes IT support or IT support specialists. But do you know why people hate IT? It usually starts with their computers running snow, their networks not functioning properly, applications crashing, and non-responsive IT support technicians. Let’s be honest though, and it’s not the technician’s fault your network is collapsing. To avoid pointing fingers at the wrong people, we’ve listed five of the most common reasons your computer might be dragging below.

  1. Slow And Outdated Systems
  2. Time-Consuming Repairs And Costly Upgrades
  3. Poor Customer Service
  4. Outsourced Technical Support
  5. Unresponsive IT Support Staff

Why We Listed These Common Reasons?

While it may be the IT department’s job to keep your system running smoothly, the point of having the system is so everyone can do their work at their own pace. So, when your system starts hindering, it’s more than likely that staff may begin showing signs of frustration.

The first step is not to panic. Slow-moving desktops and lethargic laptops are more reasonable and reliable than you think. Unless you’ve started working with a new computer recently, chances are you’re probably using a sluggish laptop or desktop right now.

Take a look below at the most common reasons people become frustrated so quickly with IT services and management.

  • Slow And Outdated Systems – If your current IT system is outdated and hasn’t been worked on recently, there is a good chance your workflow has been slowed down quite a bit. Not only does an outdated system slow down the productivity of your organization, but it also limits what you can do.
  • Time-Consuming Repairs And Costly Upgrades – In addition to continually running slow and causing setbacks, issues with your IT system could also cause you quite a bit of money and time. Between maintenance, repairs, and upgrades, you could be spending more on fixing the system than you did on its initial cost.
  • Poor Customer Service – One of the primary complaints from IT users is not slow networks or additional expenses; it’s poor customer service. While it isn’t always the IT tech support’s fault that your system has setbacks, they don’t still help to solve the problem either. Their “solution” could be a temporary fix or something they think will work.
  • Outsourced Technical Support – Having outsourced technical support can be very difficult if you’re in a time crunch. Not only will you have to wait for someone to arrive to make any upgrades or repairs, but you’ll have to deal with them taking their time. And let’s not get started on how long it will be if they forget something.
  • Unresponsive IT Support Staff – What’s worse than having an IT technical support that can’t solve the problem? An IT technician that won’t answer your calls or messages. Not only does this cause additional frustration, but it makes you wait THAT much longer for a proper solution.

When Your IT Support System Fails

The real question you need to be asking yourself here is, “How much am I spending on a poor IT support system?” It won’t just cost your business downtime or loss in productivity, and it’s going to cost the brand name. When you experience bad IT support your organization stalls. Its growth stagnates, your staff becomes irritated and loses their motivation, and overall, you lose credibility as a reliable company.

IT support engineer

In our most recent survey, we found that business owners agree that technology drives the growth of a business. So, for your company to continue growing and flourishing, you’ll need a reliable, local IT support system. For midsize to enterprise they should focus more on advanced approach to managed IT services.

Looking for Professional IT Support Specialists?

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