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Business Phone Systems

IdeaCom NC offers a variety of business telephone systems and similar services in Greensboro, NC, and surrounding areas.

If you’re in need of a reliable, trustworthy telephone system for your small, medium, or enterprise-level business, you’ve come to the right place! IdeaCom has a team of professionals ready to assist you in choosing the absolute best phone system that suits the needs AND budget of your company.

iPECS Phones

This system is the Ericsson-LG Enterprise communication platform designed for SMB and enterprise communication needs. It’s an easy, economical, and reliable business phone system.

Vertical Phones

This enables a business to improve their communications with customers, employees, and partners, all while reducing costs. The size of your business does not matter as this phone system is reliable and efficient for any company.

NEC Phones

NEC communications has a flexible design that can fulfill all the needs of our customers. It has the ability to grow and adapt with the business, providing unique solutions for up to 512 extensions.

Zultys Phones

Zultys Cloud services provide secure enterprise-class service with a comparable enterprise-class cost. It has the combination of phone, chat, video, and meeting capabilities that gives you the freedom to grow and be efficient in everything you do.

There are multiple phone systems offered by IdeaCom NC, each suitable for unique business needs.

No matter the size, intentions, or budget of your company, we can provide the perfect solution for you. Below are the systems we offer and a little information on them.


Creates leading audio experiences for a more productive lifestyle. This system allows companies to put their customers first and have a distraction-free, pleasant, and beneficial experience.

Polycom Phones

Polycom video, voice, and content solutions increases productivity and efficiency to better serve customers and businesses. This service allows companies to create better connections between themselves, their partners, and their customers.

Avaya Phones

Avaya provides its customers with global solutions for better engagement between partners and customers. You can now provide better collaborations, communications, and customer experience with this network.

Looking for a Great Communication System for your Business?

IdeaCom NC realizes no business is alike, and neither are its customers; this is why one of our first goals is to take the time to truly understand your needs so that we can help design the right communication system for you.

A good communication system can handle your business and management services, but a great communication system can also help prevent communication breakdowns and other problems from occurring.

Types of Business Phone Systems

Office phone system components we can provide for small and large businesses: Managing your core business can be a difficult task to accomplish; however, improving your communications is a great place to start. IdeaCom NC offers personalized, custom-made “one-source” solutions for all your communication needs.

  • Voicemail – It also allows you to continue working if you are unavailable for a phone call and gives your customer the opportunity to leave a message on your voicemail with their information.


  • Conference Calling – Everyone has unique ideas, and no idea is bad; however, it’s hard for everyone to voice their opinion during conference calls with bad connections. With IdeaCom’s systems, bad connections are not an option.
  • Multiple Lines – Being able to multitask allows you to accomplish much more than with a single line. Plus, with multiple lines your customers are much less likely to ever get a busy signal, thus increasing your conversion rates.


  • On-hold Music or Messages – Having music or informative messages while on hold allows the customer to know someone will be with them ASAP, while also giving them helpful information to consider while they wait.

These very factors are the reason most companies are switching to phone systems as their main source of communication. The power of the human touch for business cannot be overestimated!

A business phone system can be a key factor in the rise or downfall of a company. And for online companies, having an efficient, reliable phone system is crucial to being successful in their industry.

Importance of Business Phone Systems

Even though we live in a digital age, one of the most popular forms of communication today is still a phone call, for many reasons. Some people may not have easy internet access, their schedules won’t allow face-to-face interactions, or they just prefer to communicate over the phone.

Benefits of IdeaCom NC Business Phone Systems

IdeaCom NC is a leader in telecommunication and is continuing to create and implement successful projects in communications, networking, and designing.

Our main goal is to enhance the experience customers have with IdeaCom NC by providing top-of-the-line communication systems.

While each system is unique in its own way, they are all designed to better your company and their service.

Here are some benefits to choosing IdeaCom NC:

  • Your networking will now be easier and more effective
  • With an organized structural system, you can now save communication time
  • Available features can reduce call costs up to 50%
  • Lower rates for local and long-distance calling
  • Better sound quality

Let IdeaCom NC provide your company with a more reliable, flexible, and affordable solution! The future of voice communication is now, don’t get left behind!

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