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What is Hikvision Temperature Screening?

The pandemic has effectively changed the landscape of our working world. Businesses that once operated in the public sector have been forced to either shut down or adhere to ever-stricter regulations to stay in operation. Offices with numerous employees must now deal with the pitfalls of safely conducting business in this new era.

That’s where Hikvision temperature screening camera technology comes into play. With advanced algorithms and detectors, Hikvision’s thermographic cameras are designed to detect elevated temperatures on the skin’s surface. This technology allows for quick, efficient real-time temperature screening of employees, making it perfect for use in offices, factories, airports, and other public places.


Why Your Business Needs Hikvision Temperature Screening Technology

This one is a no-brainer! In our current times, detecting the presence of Coronavirus is paramount to maintaining safety and preventing super spreader events. And work environments are often one of the activities that regularly require people to be in close proximity to one another.

Implementing temperature screening technology works in many ways to help corner Covid-19 breakouts and bring a sense of safety to an increasingly dangerous world. In addition to nearly instantaneous temperature readings, Hikvision’s algorithms can detect if employees follow safe social distancing practices by measuring the distance between bodies.

Staying vigilant to employee temperatures remains one of the most effective ways to minimize the virus outbreak in workplaces. With an accuracy range of .3 degrees, Hikvision technology can spot individuals running a temperature before you can even say the word ‘temperature.’

Why Your Business Needs Hikvision Temperature Screening Technology

In addition to Hikvision’s benefits mentioned above, just the presence of these cameras in your workspace or business can do wonders to improve public perception and reassure employees and customers that their safety is ever important.


What Hikvision Offers

The incredible technology powering Hikvision thermal screening cameras makes it one of the best weapons in the fight against outbreaks. Here are a few of the most prominent advantages of using this system:

1. Real-time temperature screening

No more waiting for the thermometer to return with an employee’s reading! Hikvision heat-sensing cameras can detect the temperatures of multiple people simultaneously with accurate readings to within 3 degrees. All within one second.

2. Access Control

In addition to instantly determining a subject’s body temperature, Hikvision technology gives users the ability to control access to their facilities. This allows businesses to know exactly who is entering a facility at any given time.

3. Group Temperature Screening

As mentioned earlier, Hikvision algorithms have the ability to scan multiple people simultaneously, reducing the need for long lines and a one-by-one approach.

4. Patrol Screening

This technology is not relegated to a tripod or computer! With select ‘pistol-grip’ camera models, employees can take temperature screenings on the go!

5. Mask Detection

Hikvision algorithms are able to instantly detect whether a subject is wearing a mask and following appropriate social distancing guidelines.

6. Supports Powerful Data Management

With a plethora of features, Hikvision technology quickly and effectively handles large loads of information, relaying it back and forth between hardware and screening monitors, offering real-time information on temperatures, identities, proximity and social distancing procedures.

7. AI Technology

The AI found in Hikvision thermal equipment works to detect the temperatures of only human skin surfaces, reducing the possibility of false alarms from other heat sources. Additionally, the AI takes ambient temperatures into consideration, adjusting itself to provide accurate readings regardless of the outside temperatures.


Operational Tips and Applications of Hikvision Temperature Screening Tech

Hikvision thermographic cameras come in several varying models with various features, but all tend to have one feature in common: Instantaneous temperature screening. Let’s take a deeper look at some of the models and their features:

• Hikvision Smart IP Cameras

In addition to state-of-the-art algorithms and software, Hikvision offers a wide array of cameras to suit almost any business’ need. Each one of Hikvision’s unique camera models feature technology that works for you! Whether you need a stationary bullet cam, a movable turret camera, or even a portable hand-held pistol grip camera, Hikvision has a model to fit in almost any situation!

• DeepinMind NVR

This model is an excellent NVR, or network video recorder, unit designed to uses Hikvision’s deep learning-based analytics to scan, filter, and identify potential.

• DarkFighterX Camera

The DarkFighterX model is built upon years of research and development to bring consumers unparalleled brightness, sharpness, and color in ultra-low light situations. Using sensors based on the same processes human eyes use when seeing in the dark, the DarkFighterX produces bright, colorful images where standard cameras could not.

• DarkFighterX PTZ

This new model of DarkFighter has the same powerful features as the standard X but is designed to operate as a pan, tilt, and zoom camera with remote operation features.

Operation Tips

• Install the camera in a windless indoor environment

You will want to install the hardware in an interior area that is free from winds that can affect the temperature readings of individuals.

• Set up a specific measurement zone

You’ll need to dedicate a particular area as a temperature screening zone.

• Double-check thermometers upon detection of elevated skin-surface temperatures

If your camera registers an elevated temperature event, you will want to double-check the readings to ensure that all the measurements are accurate.



There are many various applications for these cutting-edge technologies. They’re helpful in many different industries where screening is a necessity. Hikvision technology has become popular in hospitals, retail stores, offices, airports, schools, and colleges. Any area where people will need to assemble.


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