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Collaboration Is an Essential Key to Business Leadership and Success

The Lone Ranger approach really isn’t the best approach to business leadership or to sustainable business success. The most prosperous CEOs and managers have learned that there’s strength in numbers and there’s wisdom to be found in healthy collaboration. While universal consensus isn’t always the most practical or expedient way to make every business decision, the fact of the matter is your organization will be healthier and more successful when you think, brainstorm, listen, and collaborate as a team.


What Is Cloud Collaboration, and How Does It Work?

Unless your entire team works inside the same space every day, collaboration can be hard. And even if you are all in the same building, collaboration doesn’t just happen on its own. Getting all of your key team members together on the same page, in the same place, at the same time can be a real challenge. How can you overcome this hurdle? It helps to have a good system for communication in place, and one of the best avenues you can take in that regard is cloud collaboration.

Cloud collaboration enables any number of people to be able to work together on the same task at the same time, no matter where they are. A cloud-based communications solution – like that offered by Zultys Cloud Services – creates an effective network for connecting your distributed team, and it leverages an impressive array of tools to help you connect and communicate in a variety of ways.


What Are Some Specific Benefits of Cloud Collaboration?

1. Productivity and efficiency

When team members can access projects from anywhere and be able to collaborate on them in real-time, your business becomes more agile, efficient, and productive.

2. Cost-effective solution

Cloud-based tools are often cheaper to use than traditional PBX or site-based systems. And since a cloud system allows you to work from anywhere, you’ll save on central office space capital, too. If you’ve been trying to figure out how to enable your team to go fully remote, cloud collaboration can help you get there!

3. The ability to add more collaborators with ease

One really great thing about collaborating and doing business in the cloud is that there really are no limits or constraints. There’s always room in the cloud for one more! Whether you need to add more team members, stakeholders, external consultants, third-party experts, or whoever else you’d like to include in the conversation – you can!

4. Reliable privacy and security

If you’ve not used the cloud much for business before, you may doubt its level of privacy and safety. But the fact of the matter is that cloud collaboration offers better data security than simply relying upon cabinetfuls of physical documents. These platforms provide multiple levels of safeguards, privacy protocols, firewalls, encryption, and secure permissions.

5. Data and records that are easy to access and track

Data and records kept in the cloud are also a whole lot faster and more efficient to access than having to rifle through some musty file cabinet drawer! Cloud collaboration also allows for editing and updating of project documents in real-time, including the ability to track changes made by each individual team member. In addition, cloud collaboration tools enable you to keep emails and chat records in the same workspace as your project documents and other materials.



The Zultys Cloud Difference

Zultys is a leader in providing enterprise-class communications solutions. And with Zultys Cloud Services, even a small business can enjoy all the same features of an enterprise-class system without having to pay an enterprise-class price tag! Here are more benefits of choosing a Zultys Cloud solution for your business:

• Cost savings and flexibility

With a Zultys business communications solution, you won’t have to make a large upfront investment in an office phone system. You only pay for the services and features you want on a per-employee basis. You can also add or remove features as your needs grow or change over time.

• Mobile integration

Thanks to the Zultys Mobile Communicator App, it’s easy to connect any smartphone to all the features of your office phone system, including access to the office directory, IM capabilities, Visual Voicemail, and more!

• Work from home, or work from anywhere!

With a cloud-based, virtual communication system, your employees can essentially work from anywhere – inside the office, at home, or in any remote setting with data/internet service. With flexibility like that, you can boost productivity for your business and even open up some more creative remote staffing solutions!

• Presence and IM

Zultys enables you to see which employees are available in real-time and provides you with the tools to exchange secure instant messages with any and all approved colleagues.

• Scalable

It’s easy to expand or adapt your Zultys communications system as your business grows. You can add phones, add to your suite of services & features, and include up to 10,000 unique users!

• Connect multiple locations

If you have multiple office or service locations that you’d like to tie together through a unified communications system, Zultys Cloud Services can make that happen for you. And keeping all of your team members and locations connected is simple to manage, too.

• Easy setup and administration

It’s simple to get everyone in your organization up and running on the Zultys Cloud. And the Zultys admin interface makes user management and monitoring a breeze, too.

• Safe and reliable

Safety, security, and reliability are all of paramount importance to Zultys. That’s why they maintain multiple data centers which are supervised around-the-clock. You can rest easy knowing that your communications infrastructure will stay protected with Zultys.


Choose IDeACOM NC for the Best Business Communication System Solutions!

IDeACOM NC is a proud partner and installer of Zultys Cloud Services, and we’re a preferred provider of Zultys business phone products. If you’re an NC-based business – whether you have 10 employees or 10,000 – we can take care of all your business communication technology needs! Oh, and IDeACOM NC is happy to provide NC residential services, too!

Ready to ramp up your business communications features & services with a cost-effective solution? If so, there’s no better time than now to put your business communications and project management on the cloud! By partnering with IDeACOM NC, you’ll be able to keep everyone in your organization connected, no matter where they’re located!

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