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Every business needs clear, concise communication to prosper in today’s business world. Whether it’s communicating with branches in other areas or regularly connecting with clients to conduct business, it’s a necessary aspect of our working life. But how do we go about streamlining communications in the digital age?

The wide variety of communication tools at our fingertips can be downright mind-boggling sometimes. Telephone calls, texts, emails, instant messages – to keep up, it seems as if you need to alternate back and forth between these services like some star tennis player desperately swatting the ball. So why not consolidate and streamline that process to make your business life just a little bit easier?


Intermedia Unite – How it Works

Cloud-based communications offer a way to merge all those different forms of communications into one cohesive system.

For telephone services, you have VoIP or (Voice over Internet Protocol), which converts your voice into digital packets and transfers them over the internet from any mobile device or networked PC.

For messaging, you have built-in team chat and business SMS services that allow your workgroups to discuss projects in real-time. This feature also comes complete with status updates for employees, so you know who’s available!

Video conferencing is also a snap with Intermedia Unite cloud-based communications. Gone are the days of worrying if you’ll make it into the office for that big presentation. Now you can do it all from any mobile device!

Your team will also be able to work together more efficiently with our backup and cloud sharing platform. This feature allows easy collaboration without the hassles of repeated email chains.


Advantages of Using Intermedia

Intermedia Unite is a fully integrated collaboration platform that specializes in combining all your communications into one unified experience. But beyond the obvious benefits of placing everything under one easy-to-use umbrella, there are several areas in which Intermedia Unite excels:

1. Security

Preserving your data and ensuring your security is the biggest concern companies face today. Intermedia Unite offers some of the most state-of-the-art security measures in the industry. Your data is kept safe, protected in our secure SOC 2-audited cloud service. This is an independent technical audit designed for service providers to ensure their standards minimize risks of exposure.

2. Support

Our specialists are on hand 24-7 to handle any issue you may have. We proudly have 99.999% service reliability, and our support staff is certified by J.D. Power! You probably won’t have to call us for technical support, but if you do, we’re here to help!

3. Compliance

The FCC (Federal Communications Commission) requires service providers like Intermedia to maintain systems designed to protect your data or Customer Proprietary Network Information (CPNI). Each year, Intermedia proudly certifies its compliance with these regulations.

4. Reliability

No one wants to deal with the stress of technical difficulties! Especially when it’s with their communications system. With 99.999% reliability and automatic call rerouting, you can rest assured that you stay connected when it matters the most. Whether making a telephone call or retrieving a valuable project file from the cloud, we are here to help your business run smoothly.


How Intermedia Unite is Different

1. Desktop App

The Intermedia Unite Desktop App allows the user to integrate company directory contacts directly into their PC, giving you the power to make calls directly from your computer or Mac. The desktop app also works as a remote control for your desk phone, allowing you to make and receive calls with a simple click of the mouse.

2. Mobile App

The app transforms any Android or iOS-enabled device into a veritable business communications center. The mobile app syncs with the corporate directory, giving users access to call or chat with anyone in the company. The app features similar functionality to what you would find in a standard desk phone.

3. Mobile Conferencing

Mobile conferencing gives your business the power to operate even when you can’t be there in person. With this feature, you can host a video conference with AnyMeeting, and attendees can easily join from their phones or PC. Now you can take the office wherever you go! We even offer 720p HD video conferencing!

4. Desk Phones

Intermedia desk phones are designed to be plug and play, working seamlessly with Unite services. There is no special installation required, and we proudly offer products from world-known manufacturers such as Cisco, Polycom, and Yealink. We provide several models to suit any need a business might have.

5. Team Chat

Intermedia Unite offers the tools your team needs to communicate efficiently! We offer direct messaging, channels for collaboration, business SMS functions, reply management, and much more. This effectively places all the reins of your communications systems into one cohesive unit that gives your team the power to get the job done!

6. File Management

With Intermedia Unite, file management is a breeze! Quickly drag and drop files into any message! Files shared will remain indefinitely, allowing team members to collaborate on a project continuously.

7. Business Phones

Previously, installing a PBX system was a costly enterprise. One would have to purchase expensive hardware and then pay for constant maintenance and upkeep. With Intermedia Unite, you get all the features of high-definition audio, call forwarding, 3-way dialing, and conferencing all in one pre-configured plug-and-play phone.

8. Screen Sharing

Now you can share your computer display with team members, allowing them to see exactly what you see in real-time. Share, display, and discuss all the finer details with a screen-sharing system that works wonders to promote collaboration, productivity and speed up your business!


We Safeguard Your Information

• Analytics

Analytics allow you to track the performance of your support and sales teams, making it easy to visualize the actual data, optimizing efficiency, and improving engagement.

• Administration

Intermedia Unite is designed to reduce the time your IT professionals or office managers spend managing your systems. With Unite management portal, you have one central location to manage your system and can enable or disable features system-wide at any time!

• Data Privacy

Intermedia invests extensive resources to ensure security and protection for users and their valuable data. Intermedia cloud services are highly secure and adhere to strict standards in physical and digital security.

• Authentification

Intermedia Desktop and mobile apps allow users to use their phone systems while working remotely. These apps will require logins to submit 2-factor authentification verifications, ensuring that your accounts won’t be hacked or phished.


Why IDeACOM is the Best Cloud Communications Provider

In business, there is nothing more important than clear, open communication. It’s a universal necessity that makes all businesses run! And IDeACoMNC proudly provides a large assortment of business phone, VoIP services, and cloud-based systems to meet your business needs. We deliver a full range of communications, networking, or IT tools to enable your company to prepare for anything that might come your way!

IDeACOM has served North Carolina from the blue ridge mountains to the sands of the east coast for over 60 years. Give us a call today at (336) 854-4455, and let one of our experts help find the right solution for your business!