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Polycom VVX 450 Business IP Phone

Twelve-Line, Performance IP Desk Phone With Color Display

4K Security Cameras

Capture every detail with ultimate clarity, ensuring unparalleled visibility and invaluable evidence for your peace of mind.

Infrared Security Cameras

Discover the power of infrared technology, enabling you to capture crystal-clear footage even in low-light conditions.

Surveillance Software

Our video recording systems come equipped with the best up-to-date software, so you can enjoy seamless integration and effortless control over your surveillance system.


The Polycom VVX 450 business IP desk phone is a high-quality, twelve-line, color IP phone for businesses of all sizes.

Polycom Acoustic Fence technology

The technology brings advanced noise cancellation to your handset or a connected headset, blocking background sounds from entering the microphone and disrupting calls.

Legendary Audio Within Arm’s Reach

Industry's best audio

  • The VVX 450 offers both Polycom HD Voice™ and Polycom Acoustic Fence™ technologies. Together, they dramatically improve the most important component of the VVX experience — voice clarity.
  • HD Voice™ delivers superior, high-definition sound quality through industry-leading, advanced voice processing capabilities.
  • The Polycom Acoustic Fence technology keeps business conversations free from extraneous noises, echoes and distractions.

Best price to value

  • The VVX 450 is a desktop phone that meets the budget and communication needs of any business. It’s loaded with sophisticated features that are traditionally found only on high-end desktop phones.
  • The VVX 450 is easy to use, reliable and stylish. End users will find that it combines an attractive new ergonomic hardware design with an intuitive user interface that together reduces the time spent learning new features and functions.

Easy deployment and administration

  • The Polycom VVX 450 integrates seamlessly into a wide range of UC environments. The enterprise-grade, web-based configuration tool simplifies installation of the VVX 450 a breeze, allowing administrators to easily provision a large number of phones throughout the entire organization.
  • The VVX 450 phones are easy to deploy and administer for service providers and IT staff via broad, standards-based and open APIs.

VVX X50 Business IP Phone – UCS Edition

Ideal for OpenSIP providers and SfB environments

Polycom UC Software

The industry's leading, open-standards-based, unified communications software and audio solutions.


In today’s constantly changing technology landscape, businesses must remain agile to compete. Every technology decision opens new opportunities but they can also limit your choices down the road. So how is a business able to leverage innovative, unified communications technology while minimizing the risk it will have to be replaced in just a few short years? Polycom UC Software has an extensive set of features that enable wired and wireless devices from Polycom to integrate seamlessly into a wide variety of unified communications environments. By leveraging an open-standard software architecture, Polycom devices work with your systems of today while keeping your options open to easily change your mind if needed in the future. Additionally, our UC software provides a simple-to-use interface for your end-users and IT staff.
  • Improves desktop productivity for users at all levels of the organization
  • Simple to deploy, easy to administer, upgrade and maintain
  • Reduces downtime through robust security options
  • Leverages existing communication investments, third-party UC software, and productivity applications
  • Compatibility with multiple industry standard call control platforms, Open SIP and Skype for Business.
  • Compatible with IPv6 when used in Open SIP deployments

Technical Overview

With Polycom UC Software, you can:
  • Simplify manageability of Polycom devices
  • Reduce downtime through robust security options
  • Get out-of-the-box provisioning for enterprises and service providers
  • Benefit from robust diagnostics for ongoing reporting and tracking
  • Enjoy simple operation, which reduces your training and support costs
  • Integrate with more than 60 industry-leading call control platforms.

User Benefits

Are your organizations’ end users frustrated by the many steps involved in completing simple work tasks and processes related to unified communications?

Have you ever wondered how much productivity your teams lose each day because their team communication tools and technologies are incompatible?

Does the pressure of having to transfer a simple phone call get your adrenaline flowing? Do you make excuses when executing a conference call in case you drop everyone on the line? After all these years, why can't our business telephone just be simple?

When your business phone systems run on Polycom UC Software, dropping calls becomes a thing of the past. Why? Because Polycom's UC software is built with simplicity for the end user in mind.

From our HD audio technology to our simple design and ergonomics. Everything about our phones is designed to take your mind off the phone and then enhance the way you work and communicate.

Polycom UC Software:
  • Improves desktop productivity for users at all levels of the organization
  • Simple to deploy, easy to administer, upgrade and maintain
  • Reduces downtime through robust security options
  • Leverages existing communication investments, third-party UC software, and productivity applications
  • Compatibility with multiple industry standard call control platforms, Open SIP and Skype for Business
  • Compatible with IPv6 when used in Open SIP deployments

VVX X50 Business IP Phone – OBI Edition

Delivering maximum flexibility for Service Providers

Polycom OBI Software

The industry’s most flexible software for IP-enabled devices running in Open SIP environments.


Polycom OBi software runs on a family of next generation entry-level desktop phones offering legendary audio combined with unparalleled flexibility with easy implementation while delivering a rich collaboration experience.

Is the Polycom OBI Edition Right For Me?

Polycom OBi edition is recommended to new service providers with end customers that want flexibility and need to customize the look of their VVX x50 phone. The VVX x50 OBi edition delivers a rich collaboration interface that can be easily customized to meet the needs of service providers and end users alike. OBi edition is right for you if you need robust built-in troubleshooting tools along with the variety of tools to troubleshoot most voice, device and network issues. These built-in tools reside at almost all network connectivity layers the endpoint is entitled to—from locally inside the phone’s graphical user interface to all the way in the PDMS-SP cloud. Service providers.

Technical Overview

Polycom® OBi software color display offers an engaging experience with visual information at a glance

Unparalleled flexibility: OBi Software offers built in customization, so every pixel can be personalized
  • Build an interface for a customized application
  • Control use and accessibility of features to end-users
  • Easy user interface that will delight the end user
  • Cloud-based features (e.g. OBi XML Applications, BroadSoft XSI)
  • Support Open SIP platforms such as BroadSoft, Metaswitch, Freeswitch and Asterisk
  • Color Screen and GigE SW/PC Port on VVX250 and above
  • HD Voice support (Opus codec available on VVX250 and above)
  • USB Port on VVX250 and above for USB Headsets

Technical Overview

  • 4.3” color LCD (480×272 pixel resolution)
  • 12 line keys
  • 4 soft keys
  • In-call keys: call transfer, hold and voicemail
  • Illuminated audio keys
  • HD audio
  • 2 USB ports (rear and side)
  • 2x Gig-E ports


Polycom VVX 450 Business IP Phone

Twelve-line, performance IP desk phone with color display

Polycom VVX 450 OBi Edition Datasheet

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