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If you’re a small business owner, you’re probably always looking for ways to cut costs. Right? What if we told you there’s a way to trim costs while also optimizing your business? You can do both with SIP Trunking. A lot of businesses are switching to this type of communication system because it’s scalable, affordable, and flexible. With a SIP Trunking system, your company can save up to 60% on your phone costs, have reliable communication, and keep your existing phone system and all the numbers. The switch is easy and full of benefits. Keep reading to find out how switching to SIP Trunking can help your company’s communication while also helping your bottom line.

SIP Trunking Explained

In simple terms, SIP Trunking is the ability to make and receive voice calls over existing data or internet connection. SIP Trunks are basically virtual phone lines that you use to make calls to anyone in the world who has a phone number. This service is primarily used to manage multimedia communications, like voice and video calls. This is how Facebook Messenger and Skype are able to provide free calls over the internet because they use SIP Trunking.

SIP Trunking isn’t just used for video calls. It can also be used to send and receive local and long-distance calls, text messages, emails, conduct video chats, and even browse the internet. And SIP Trucking is smart too! Have you ever been on a conference call and noticed that some people are using only audio and some are on camera? That’s the smart technology of SIP. The system can detect device capabilities and adjust accordingly.

How SIP Trunking and VoIP Are Different?

SIP Trunking falls under the VoIP (Voice Over Internet Protocol) category because of both of their abilities to make phone calls over the internet. However, the main difference between the two is the type of media that is used. With VoIP, you can make voice calls over the internet, but with SIP, you can also make voice calls, but you also have the availability to make video calls too.

Another big difference between the two systems is the phone connection. A VoIP phone or headset has to be connected to the computer for it to work. A SIP phone only needs a modem to work, so it operates independently of the computer.

VoIP can work on desktop computers, tablets, and a variety of other devices, except traditional landlines. So, if you need to do a lot of business with landlines, you’ll need a SIP to do that. Most newer phone systems are compatible with SIP Trunking with no extra equipment required.

SIP, a Gateway to Unified Communications

Having a SIP phone service is a great way to ease your company into Unified Communications. Unified Communications isn’t a single product or technology, it’s a term for several technologies like email, instant messaging, VoIP calls, and more. SIP Trunking providers offer a full suite of flexible cloud-based tools for your business.

SIP Phones and PBX Phones

PBX phones system can make calls using VoIP technologies or traditional lines. If you have a traditional PBX, then you will have to house the equipment at a physical location like in your office building. But, if you have an IP PBX, it can be at a physical location or hosted. You can use SIP Trunking capabilities with an IP PBX and have the option to make calls via normal phone or via the internet.

It’s easy to upgrade your existing PBX to make it more SIP Trunking attractive. And the best part? You won’t need any expensive hardware to do it, and you will still have lower monthly expenses.

Why Should Businesses Use SIP Trunking?

Companies looking to improve their communications and save some expenses should really consider switching to a SIP provider. It’s not just the savings that are so beneficial, although it’s a big bonus! Here are some other benefits to ditching a traditional landline service:

1. Cost Savings

With traditional phone service, your business is probably paying fees for long-distance charges, and international calling. Not with SIP trucking for business phones. With SIP Trunking your company is billed on a per-user basis.

Another area where you can save is getting rid of traditional phone lines. With SIP lines, you can purchase as many as you need instead of paying for traditional lines you aren’t using.

2. Immediate ROI

Start seeing cost savings from your first monthly billing statement from SIP Trunking providers. With most technology investments, you may not see a return on your investment for several years, but not with a SIP system. SIP is a well-established technology with minimal upfront investment costs. You won’t need any expensive equipment and can upgrade your current phone system. So, you can get to work as soon as the system is put in place.

3. Global Potential & Mobility

Your organization’s geographic locations and remote workers can be consolidated with a SIP system. And if your company grows, opens new sites, or adds more remote workers, your SIP Trunking providers will be extremely flexible to meet your needs.

4. Unified Communications

SIP serves as a gateway towards Unified Communications. When you choose a SIP provider that offers video conferencing and fiber-optic internet connectivity, then your organization can unlock the benefits of cloud-based tools like instant messaging, collaboration apps, and other communication tools.

5. Mobility

With intermedia SIP Trunking, your employees will be able to communicate from anywhere. That’s because SIP allows your organization to connect to your employees’ mobile devices through secure apps. So, you and your employees won’t have to be tied to their desks, waiting on an important call.

6. Network Consolidation

Are you paying for telephone service and data separately? Most companies are. With SIP Trunking you can consolidate voice and data into a single network. Your voice calls will then be treated as a form of data transmission. This will increase the bandwidth demand for your organization, but it will ultimately be cheaper than paying the separate bills.

7. No More Physical Infrastructure

It’s not uncommon for businesses to move buildings or reorganize people or departments throughout different spots in the building. But it’s frustrating when you are in a new building or a new room, and you have to wait for the phone company to install new lines. With SIP Trunking, you can add lines easily by simply connecting headsets to your data connection.

This is a great benefit, especially now with more people working from home than ever before. With a SIP Trunking system, you can easily integrate off-site workers into your company network. They will be given an internal phone number with a five-digit extension in no time.

8. No Costly Hardware Investments

SIP Trunking doesn’t require any additional expensive hardware to be installed. So, this means you won’t have to fork over any high upfront costs for equipment, and you can get to work right away after the system is in place. All you need is an additional headset for each additional line, and you are all set.

9. Reliability

SIP Trunking is a really reliable technology. Traditional telephone services can be unpredictable sometimes. If the weather is bad or a telephone gets hit by a car, then sometimes you won’t have service for hours at a time, or sometimes even days. Calls on an SIP line can be routed to other offices or mobile devices, so you’ll be able to continue communication no matter what.

10. Simple Management

SIP Trunking offers easy-to-use administrative portals for on-site management. Your employees will be able to easily adjust call routing, change extensions, or add phone lines. And because there’s no new equipment that’s needed, they can use the phone they are already familiar with.

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