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Are you managing all your IT services on your own? If so, you’re probably wasting a lot of valuable time, both professionally and even personally. Think about it: how much time have you spent off the clock fixing a problem that came up at the end of the workday? Or how many times have you walked through the door to start your day off with an IT fire that needed to be put out? No fun, right? That’s because network issues don’t stop at 5 pm when it’s time to go home. This is where a Managed IT Service Provider (MSP) comes into play.

MSPs work around the clock to monitor your Hybrid IT infrastructure and get the issue resolved. So, not only are you minimizing network downtimes, you’re also maximizing your ROI. Ideacom NC can help you with the best IT support in North Carolina and beyond!

Types of Managed IT Services

Whether you’re starting a new business or experiencing growth, providing the best technology for your team should be a top priority. Cloud solutions are a way to streamline the process and accommodate everyone in the business. The cloud gives flexibility while still maintaining control over IT resources that aren’t suited for a cloud environment. The right strategy paired with expert management will help your business realize the best of both worlds.

What is Hybrid IT?

This is a blend of IT services that are in-house and cloud-based. Think about the multiple environments your company is running applications on like Salesforce, Workday, and more. Hybrid IT management will make sure all those systems are working together efficiently.

What is a Managed IT Services Provider?

An MSP will allow you to focus on the core of your business. They will tackle any IT problems that come your way and make sure all your technical needs are met. An MSP doesn’t replace your on-site IT staff, they just help out by handling specific processes. Consider an MSP as your right-hand man for efficient and cost-effective IT management.

5 Factors to Consider When Selecting a Managed IT Services Provider

By now, you already know that managing your own IT infrastructure is a daunting task. Because of the challenges that come with monitoring your own systems, more and more companies are turning to MSPs to take on their IT services. By bringing an IT consultant on board, your team can spend time tackling mission-critical projects.

Here are 5 ways a Managed IT Services Provider can make your life easier and a few factors to consider when selecting the best one. 

1. They Cover Everything!

MSPs know what they are doing! They have deep knowledge and experience, including traditional IT, managed services, and cloud models including, public, private, and hybrid. MSPs are prepared to grow and transition with you. When your business grows and has to change models, an MSP will make the transition with you without having to include another partner or service. 

2. MSPs Constantly Work to Improve

No business wants a data breach or unplanned network downtime. That’s why an MSP won’t wait until it’s broken to fix it. They constantly work to improve operations and prevent problems in your network. Predictive analytics are put into place, so the MSP will know what’s going on before there is a problem. Proactiveness is key, and MSPs will protect your security before it is compromised.

3. Knowledgeable and Experienced

Managing your systems and infrastructure is their job, so they are experts at it. A reputable MSP will bring a staff of industry certifications and established partnerships to the table. They have a proven ability to understand and manage a wide variety of technology components. If you’re wondering how much experience your Managed Service Provider has, ask for a list of their best practices and ensure their processes are validated with a commitment to annual audits.

4. Guaranteed Coverage

An MSP won’t leave you hanging when it comes to figuring out when things will be fixed. They will ensure that you are completely covered with a Service Level Agreement (SLA). An MSP will provide a Service Level Agreement to let you know what procedures are in place for disaster recovery, cybersecurity, power, and more. A strong contract will cover your critical requirements. 

5. Flexibility & Versatility

Your Managed Service Provider will act as your partner and accommodate any changes that come up. Make sure you ask your MSP how they will deal with changes like spikes in traffic and migration. A great MSP will be able to offer services in multiple IT environments. 

Ideacom NC – The Best Managed Service Provider in North Carolina

Your search for the best Managed IT Service Provider ends here! IDeAComNC offers world-class customer service for on-site support. We use the latest technologies and techniques to deliver reliable IT services. Let us tackle a new server installation, your network design and implementation, computer repairs and upgrades, data backup, and more! We understand your IT business needs, and we are ready to exceed your expectations. 

We will take the wheel on your IT network so you can focus on driving your company to success. Call us today (336) 854-4455!