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Phone Service for Nonprofit Organizations

In addition to providing businesses of all sizes and industries with a reliable communication service, we also focus on giving back to our community. At IDeACOM NC, we are proud to be one of the many organizations in North Carolina, giving back to nonprofit organizations. We offer a variety of business phone services to nonprofits for discounted service rates, allowing them to continue doing the work they love most.

To learn more, please visit the page Non-Profit Discounts on Phone Systems

What Should Nonprofits Be Looking For In A Business Phone Service?

Nonprofits have one primary goal for their organization: to do the most good they can. And a big part of their work depends on taking advantage of all the time they have available. Communication is a key component in doing just that, making it a top priority to have an affordable yet reliable office phone system. Two other key elements that should be taken into consideration is scalability and flexibility. There’s a lot that can change in a short amount of time, so having a business phone system that will grow with your organization is much needed. 

Types of Nonprofit Organizations Served By Ideacom NC

Our available phone services at IDeACOM NC are offered to a variety of nonprofit organizations. The communities and businesses we continue to service have supported us throughout the years as well, making it our responsibility to give back to them. A few of these organizations include those we have listed below.

  • Schools
  • Educational Institutes
  • Food Banks
  • Community Health Organizations
  • Animal Welfare Organizations
  • Religious Organizations And Churches

How Can Nonprofits Benefit From Using VoIP?

As mentioned before, taking advantage of their available time is one of the primary goals of nonprofits. With a reliable VoIP business phone system, your organization can finally maintain a reliable source of communication between themselves and their communities. These services will also help nonprofits to enhance their ability to continue working toward their mission goals.

  1. Enhanced mobility and productivity
  2. Saves more money compared to traditional phone systems
  3. Continues to receive calls even during downtime
  4. Uses communication services from remote locations
  5. Reroutes office lines to other facilities, phones, or mobile devices in case of an emergency, such as loss of power

Why Is Great Customer Service Important for Nonprofits?

Nonprofits are an organization that, unlike other companies, their primary goal is not to gain profit. Instead, their primary focus is to help their communities in the best ways possible. Without excellent customer service, it can be quite challenging to maintain the standards put in place by the organization. Here at IDeACOM NC, we educate and advise our customers, including nonprofits, on how to maximize the benefits offered by advanced phone systems.

Ideacom NC Is the Right Match That Give Back

We understand how important it is for your nonprofit organization to flourish, mainly to provide your community with the services they need. And if you need a new business phone system to help you provide those services, IDeACOM NC is the perfect partner for you. Not only do we excel at working with businesses of all sizes and industries, but we also excel at partnering with nonprofits. We make sure to provide enterprise-level features and services for a price your company can afford.

Reach out to us today at ☎ (336) 854-4455 to speak with one of our representatives about finding the perfect IT solution for your organization today.