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A hosted PBX phone system is one that is located off-premises; companies are entrusting an outside provider to maintain their primary source of communication.

The most significant advantage of this phone service is that it allows you to focus your attention to what matters most – your company. And while you’ve probably heard that cloud-hosted PBX systems offer some excellent benefits, they aren’t for everyone. You’re probably wondering why we would tell you that, especially since we provide this service. However, just because a phone system is consistently efficient for most businesses and industries, it doesn’t mean it’s the right fit for everyone.

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Before you can fully trust a hosted PBX phone service, you must find a reliable provider. So, how do you know which provider is best for your company? In this article, we’re going to go over seven factors that are important to take into consideration when choosing a provider.

1. What are the Startup Costs?

Every business is different – they have different needs, budgets, and goals specifically for them. And not every company you come across can afford to spend thousands of dollars on a new business phone system.

You need to see if your provider, like most, takes responsibility for purchasing all the necessary equipment, software, and hardware for your system.  If so, the startup costs will most likely be much more affordable than most. Many companies have even found that after investing in a hosted PBX solution, they have saved up to 70% of their overall expenses

2. Do They Offer Managed Internet Service?

No matter what kind of phone system you have, there are always risks involved with running your company’s calls over a public internet connection, also known as an “over the top” connection.

This type of public connection can’t guarantee the quality of service to your clients, partners, or employees. Also, on top of the lack of quality, you may experience problems with troubleshooting, security, and outages. A provider that offers their own managed internet service can also guarantee quality and data security.

3. How Often Do You Make International or Long-Distance Calls?

Do you have partners and clients located across the world? If so, your company is probably making several international and long-distance calls to connect with them. Over time, these calls can increase your overall bill by a significant amount.

With a hosted PBX phone system, you can save up to 90% on your analog service with respect to international calls. Your provider, if the right one, can handle all these incoming and outgoing calls without complication.

4. How Many IT Employees Do You Have?

Not every business is fortunate enough to have an in-house IT staff with experience in telephony. And even businesses that have this advantage still need help with their day-to-day IT needs.

Without this valuable resource, maintaining your phone system can become a chore rather than a necessity. However, with the right hosted PBX provider, you won’t have to worry about hiring IT staff or performing repair yourself. Since the system is located off-site, your provider should handle all repairs, maintenance, outages, and everything in between.

5. How Quickly Will You Need to Add or Subtract Phone Lines?

Are there times throughout the year where your business experiences rapid staffing changes and other employment fluctuations?

With the number of your employees constantly changing, it can be challenging to keep up with all the phone lines you need. However, with the right provider, your hosted PBX system can easily have phone lines added and subtracted as many times as you’d like, whenever you’d like!

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6. Do You Have Specific Setup or Customization Needs?

No two businesses are alike, so your phone systems shouldn’t be either. The features that a smaller, start-up company may need, a larger, enterprise-level company may already have.

Hosted PBX systems are what we like to call “feature-rich”, but before you start making assumptions, you need to make sure your provider offers the features you need. Every business phone system provider has different plans they offer, each with a different set of features. You should also consider any features you may need in the future.

7. Do They Offer Number Ownership?

Firstly, you need to find out if your provider offers number ownership for both local and toll-free numbers.

Owning your number will allow you to carry it over to other providers if you find that you would like to switch. However, if your provider owns the number, you’ll have to be assigned a new one after you’ve made the change. You should also be aware that your provider owns their tech — those who do usually have more control over their system updates and maintenance.

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While the factors we’ve listed above are necessary for finding the best-hosted PBX provider for your company, they do not cover every detail that should be considered. But, no matter your businesses size, you should always apply these factors to your decision-making process. If you would like more information about hosted PBX business phone systems and their benefits, you can contact IDeACOM NC today at (336) 854-4455. As your #1 local source for all technology and communication needs, we will be more than happy to assist you.